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Buku Marmut Merah Jambu Full Pdf

Read Online Marmut Merah Jambu by Raditya Dika EBook or Download in PDF Hi fellow readers! Before I read this book, I had read some. Marmut Merah Jambu movie and the perception of Faculty of Language and. Literature (FLL) . He is well known as a novel writer and a movie director. The. Save this PDF as: Thanks to Allah because the writer could complete this graduating paper as one of requirement to finished study in English Department faculty of States of The data are the English words in Marmut Merah Jambu Novel.

Has been brought to the board of examiners on March 5 th , and hereby considered to completely fulfilled the requirements of Degree of Sarjana Pendidikan Islam S. I in English and Education Department. Board of examiners: Head Secretary: Benny Ridwan, M. Mashlihatul Umami, M. A 1 st examiner: Norwanto, M. Hum 2 nd examiner: Faizal Risdianto, S. Hum 3 rd examiner: Setia Rini, M. Imam Sutomo, M.

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For motivation, guidance and hundreds of helps. All of my friends TBI 08 especially E class, thanks for the cheerfull and your togetherness. All of staffs who help the writer in processing of graduating paper administration. Everybody who has helped me in finishing this graduating paper.

Thanks for all supports, advice, suggestion anpd other helps that you all give. The writer hopes that this graduating paper will be useful for everyone. Background of study 1 B. Limitation of the Study 5 C. Problem of Study 5 D. Purpose of the Study 6 E. Benefit of the Study 6 F. Review of Related Study 7 G. Explanation of Keyterm 8 H. Sociolinguistic 12 B. Bilingualism 14 C. Code Mixing 18 D.

Purpose of Code Mixing 25 F. Research Approach 27 B. Type of Research 28 C. Unit of Analysis 28 D. Source of Data 28 E. Data Collection Method 29 F. The Form of Code Mixing 32 B. Conclusion 78 B. Graduating Paper. Consultant: Setia Rini, M. The problems are what the form of code mixing, the purpose and the lexical meaning of code mixing that used in Marmut Merah Jambu Novel. The research uses descriptive qualitative method to collect the data.

The writer collects data by finding the forms of Indonesian-English code mixing used in Marmut Merah Jambu Novel, selecting sentence that consist of Indonesian-English code mixing. The analysis shows that there are some forms that use, such as: word, phrase, hybrids, clause and idiom. The writer looked for the lexical meaning of code mixing that used in Marmut Merah Jambu Novel. The purposes of why Raditya Dika mixes their language are prestige filling motive, need feeling motive, asserting status, pride and power, being more informative, making jokes and expressing selfemotion.

The implication of this graduating paper in English teaching is focused in vocabulary. The achievements of this research are expected to be additional source of code mixing study and it is meant to conduct and develop such a research in the code mixing field.

Background of Study Human being lives in this world has a role as an individual creature, but also has a role as social creature. People have a role as social creature which means people cannot live alone. They need other people to fulfill their need and help them solve their problems. To communicate with others they need language as a means communication. By using language people can express idea, experiences, thought, wants, hopes, feeling and so on to other.

When two or more people communicate with each other in speech we can call the system of communication that they employ a code, in most cases that code will be something we may also want to call language. Wardhaugh, Wardhaugh states that the study of language in relation to the society is called sociolinguistics. Sociolinguistics is concerned with investigating the relationships between language and society with the goal being a better understanding of the structure language and of how language functions in communication.

According to Holmes sociolinguistic means study relationship between language and society, they are interested in explaining why we speak differently in different social contexts and they are concerned with identifying the social functions of language and the ways it is used to convey social meaning.

When people are in conversation they use the language that they have, generally people often use more than one language. People who master more than one language are called bilingual or multilingual. In bilingual and multilingual societies, people may produce certain codes.


They produce some codes because they want to communicate with the other people and make the communication can run well. In Indonesia, people sometimes use more than one language to communicate. They are Indonesian as national language, regional language like Javanese, Sundanese, Maduranese, etc. People use Indonesian language in formal situation and they use regional language when communication with other people in society.

They use English language for many purposes such as education, business, job and relationship. For that reason, they want to master it. In the process of time, languages develop and have many changes and variations depending on its influence. In the large society, people need to master international language to communicate people in the entire world. Moreover, it is also possible for the bilingual or multilingual people use more than one code or language in communication.

One of the language phenomenon especially in the study of bilingualism problems is called code mixing. Holmes, English as one of the international language has a great influence to the most Indonesians.

Not only in speaking, but also in writing many people often 14 mix the English into Indonesian language. This condition is called code mixing because the condition where people use more than one language in the same topic. Code mixing is the use more than language that speakers or writers mix two codes or more language in discourse, the main characteristics in code mixing are relaxed situations and informal situation.

Nababan, Code mixing can be seen in spoken or written language. Code mixing in spoken language can be found in: radio program, television program, teaching process and code mixing also found in written language such as: novel, newspaper, magazine, tabloid, etc.

Literary books in Indonesia have been developed both in their quantity or quality. Started by the coming of foreigners who use English in their communication, Indonesian people were initiated to use English and then to spread it out to the others. The influence from English makes literary books in Indonesia have also been influenced by English. One kind of literary books that is influenced by English is novel.

The writers write a novel not only in Indonesian language, sometimes the writers mix English in Indonesian language. Many factors which influence the people mix the code, such as their background as like education, culture, social etc.

Education is one of the parts of background the people mix the code, if the people have good education so it influences their mix code. In written language code mixing is presented in italic or underline style at word or phrase. In this research writer will discuss one novel entitled Marmut Merah Jambu.

In written language, such as the novel authors write according to the people who will read it. Raditya Dika is one of writers or novelists who used code mixing in 15 his novel. He had studied in Australia, allowing him to mix Indonesian and English in his writings and his expressions.

Raditya Dika is the first Indonesian bloggers who managed to make a book from his blog. Marmut Merah Jambu is the fifth book by Raditya Dika which was published in The story still has concept comedy based on stories written by the author as in the previous book. The outline of this book tells the story of romance writers and close persons, including the time established love with Indonesian singer, Sherina Munaf.

This book contains pages and very interesting to read. As an illustration the writer presents a little bits sentence which describes the reality of language used in which afterward the reality of language use can be categorized as code mixing. The sentence is as follows: Terus, pernah punya pengalaman acting?

Sedangkan gue tahu, Indira datang biasanya pukul The sentence above indicates the existence of code mixing because the speaker used one word or phrase of English into Indonesia language. The speakers master both languages they used it to express their emotion, feeling or thought.

It is found that there are variation forms and type code mixing used. Based on phenomenon above, the writer wants to concerns the style of code mixing by Raditya Dika s entitled Marmut Merah Jambu. Limitation of the Study In this research, the writer focuses to describe Indonesian-English code mixing which often used by Raditya Dika in the novel entitled Marmut Merah Jambu.

Problem of the Study Based on research background, the writer proposed some problems as the following: a. What are the forms of code mixing used in the novel entitled Marmut Merah Jambu written by Raditya Dika?

What are the lexical meanings of code mixing that found in the novel entitled Marmut Merah Jambu written by Raditya Dika? Purpose of Study Based on the statement of the problem mentioned above, the writer has the purposes of study: 1.

To find out the forms of code mixing in the novel entitled Marmut Merah Jambu written by Raditya Dika. Benefit of Study The writer hopes that the result of this research will be something worthwhile both academically and practically.

Academically a. The result of this research can be used as an additional reference for sociolinguistic study especially in code mixing study. The readers are able to understand the forms of code mixing. The readers are able to know the purpose of code mixing. Practically a.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

This research can be as student additional information of code mixing from the novel entitled Marmut Merah Jambu written by Raditya Dika. The result of this research will help the student increasing the knowledge about code mixing study.

Review of Related Previous Research In this research the writer review some report of related researches about sociolinguistics especially Indonesia-English code mixing. She used Maryamah Karpov novel as data source and analyzed the types of code mixing and code switching from the novel.

Another previous research was written by Taufani Rakasiwi. They are words, phrases, hybrid, idiom and clauses as the form and type of code mixing is outer and inner code mixing. The related previous researches above explain the form and types code mixing in written language.

Then the writer extracted to explain form, purpose and lexical meaning code mixing used in novel entitled Marmut Merah Jambu. Clarification of Key Terms 1. Sociolinguistics Sociolinguistic study the relationship between language and society. It is interested in explaining why we speak differently in different social contexts, and sociolinguistics concerned with identifying the social functions of language and the ways it is used to convey social meaning. Holmes, p. These are also the areas most susceptible to scientific methods such as hypothesis-formation, logical inference, and statistical testing.

Wardhaugh, p. Code Mixing Someone sometimes use two or more languages, they mixed their language from one language with another language. In sociolinguistic is called code mixing. Code mixing is speech act that speakers or writers mix two codes or more language in discourse, the main characteristics in code mixing are relaxed situations and informal situation.

Nababan, According to Suwito code mixing is a speaker used two languages or more that mutual inserting the elements of language from one language to the other that is used consistently. Suwito, p. Speaker does not change from one language to the others in the course of a single utterance. It means that they insert some pieces or elements of another language while he is basically using a certain language.

Marmut Merah Jambu Marmut Merah Jambu is the fifth book by Raditya Dika which was published in The story still has concept comedy based on stories written by the author as in the previous book. Graduating Paper s Outline In this section the writer would like to discuss some terms in chapter 1 into chapter 5 as followed; Chapter 1: This chapter presents the background of the study, limitation of the study, problem statement, purposes of study, benefit of study, review of related previous research, clarification of key terms, research methodology, and graduating paper s outline.

This chapter presents the discussion some theories of code mixing. Chapter 3: Research Method. It deals with type of the study, object of the study, data source, method of collecting data, and technique of analysis data. Chapter 4: Analysis and Discussion.

This chapter describes the form and types of code mixing which used on Marmut Merah Jambu. Chapter 5: Closure. This chapter consists of conclusions and suggestions. The theories will be used for the underlying requirement to solve the problems. Therefore, he presents some theories about code mixing. It is interested in explaining why we speak differently in different social contexts, and sociolinguistic concerned with identifying the social functions of language and the ways it is used to convey social meaning.

We use language to ask for and give people information. We use it to express indignation and annoyance, as well as admiration and respect. Often one utterance will simultaneously convey both information and express feelings. According Wardhaugh sociolinguistics is the study of the social uses of language, and the most productive studies in the four decades of sociolinguistic research have emanated from determining the social evaluation of linguistic variants.

These are also the area s most susceptible to scientific methods such as hypothesis-formation, logical inference, and statistical testing. The first focuses on multilingual speech communities and describes some of the ways in which social considerations affect language choice. But there is plenty of language variation in monolingual communities too, and it is just as socially meaningful. The second focuses on social features of the language user. It explores the range of social information conveyed about participants by their linguistic choices within one language.

The third focus shifts to the uses of language, and the influence on language of the social context in which it is used and the functions it expresses. Sociolinguistic uses for practical life very much, because the languages as a tool of human verbal communication, of course have certain rules on its use.

Sociolinguistic provide knowledge on how to use language in a certain aspect or social terms. Sociolinguistic will guide us in communicating with show language, variety of language or style of what language should we use when we talk to a certain person.

In language teaching at school, sociolinguistic also have a big role. Language study internally will be produce objectively descriptive language in the form of shape grammar book B. Bilingualism When two or more language used alternately by the same speaker, it can be said that those languages contact each other.

Events using two or more language alternately by a speaker called bilingualism. Mackey and 24 Fishman in Abdul Chaer and Leonie Agustina stated that bilingualism means the use of two languages by a speaker in his society by turns.

Someone who wants to use two languages, of course they must master the two languages. They must master mother tongue and another language that become a second language. When the people use two languages to interact with other people they become bilingual that means they realize bilingualism.

People occasionally speak languages they master in daily use. When they know more than one language, they may use both of which in their conversation. People use more than one language that occurs in situation of social context, which is a situation where they learn a second language in their communities. In situation where a person learns a second language, they can be divided between the situation of language learning, language acquisition and people who learn the language.

Suwito, Therefore, bilingualism is the habit of using two languages in the interaction with other people. If we think about the capability of the people who are use two language or more, we are called bilingualism Nababan, In other word, applying bilingualism implicates the people must have bilingual before they can apply bilingualism Nababan, This situation can be seen in big cities of Indonesia, there are many young generations don t use their parent s vernacular actively and use Indonesia language practically and it also happens in other developing countries of Asia and Africa.

Ability levels can be seen from the mastery of speaker to the aspect of grammatical, lexical, semantic and style is reflected in the four language skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. Many elements are ruled by speakers the higher levels of bilingualism, the less control of the elements that lower of the bilingualism. Bloomfield , says that the ability of the speaker to use two languages well, but Bloomfield s concept about bilingualism is questioned, therefore Bloomfield s limitation about bilingualism in modified by some people.

For example, Lado said that bilingualism is the ability to use the knowledge of the two languages technically. Haugen said that the person who understands about two or more languages means bilingual person. He also said that bilingual persons don t need to use two languages actively he can only understand it.

Marmut Merah Jambu by Raditya Dika

Studying second language or more foreign language cannot influence their mother tongue Chaer and Agustina, Development of bilingualism is also related to understanding of the language is involved in that bilingualism. Bloomfield in this case gives the sense of language as a system of codes that have special characteristics.

Know two languages means being able to use the two systems code in good. Wienreich gives the sense of language in a broad sense, without distinguishing the levels that exist in it. According to Wienreich mastery of two languages can mean mastery two control systems code, two dialects of the 26 same language or two kinds of the same dialect.

This opinion is also appears from Haugen which include mastery of the two dialects of one language in bilingualism and Rene Appel which states that the what is called two languages in bilingualism is included also two variations of the language. A bilingual situation can produce still other effects on one or more of the languages involved. As we have just seen, it can lead to loss, e.

But sometimes it leads to diffusion; that is certain features spread from one language to the other or others as a result of the contact situation, particularly certain kinds of syntactic features. One linguistic consequence, however, is that there has been some convergence of the languages that are spoken in the village so far as syntax is concerned, but vocabulary differences have been maintained.

It is vocabulary rather than syntax which now serves to distinguish the groups and the variety of multilingualism that has resulted is a special local variety which has developed in response to local needs. Wardhaugh, According to Nababan, bilingualism is defined as the habit uses two languages or codes in interacting with others. There are two kinds of bilingualism according to him: individual and societal bilingualism. Individual bilingualism is the situation where all the society knows two languages and uses both of which every day in their job and social interaction.

For instance; there are forty people in A community and all of them know both X and Y languages. The second situation is societal bilingualism occurs when there are 27 two languages in the society, but each person just knows one language, so there are two kinds of communication in the society. For example; there are forty peoples in B community, twenty people know X language while the rest of the community knows Y language.

This does not mean that all members know both of languages. Kridalaksana in Ohoiwutun divided bilingualism into three categories, there are: coordinate bilingualism, compound bilingualism and subordinate bilingualism. The first is coordinate bilingualism, language usage in this phenomenon the speaker use two languages or more separately.

A bilingual coordinate when use one language doesn t show the elements of another language. When the speaker switching to another language, a system mixing does not occurs. For instance who master English and Indonesian language, when he speak with foreigner he speaks English but after that he switches his language into mother language Indonesia. Ohoiwutun, The second type is compound bilingualism, speaking uses two or more language system is integrated.

A bilingual compound, often disrupt the elements of both languages are mastered. For example, bilingual compound may happen when Indonesian people work in Malaysia, sometimes they use Indonesian language.

— Resensi Novel Marmut Merah Jambu Dalam Bahasa Inggris —

The third type of bilingualism is sub-ordinate bilingualism. This happen to person or community that uses two or more language system separately. Usually, there is still a process of translation. Bilingual sub-ordinate often mixed the first language concepts in a second language or foreign language studies, which is being learned. This often occurs 28 in the conversation among second language learner, they still translate some vocabularies or sentences that they speak.

For example we always find Indonesian student who learn foreign language. Ohoiwutun, C. The Definition of Code Mixing One of the effect of using two or more languages or bilingualism is code mixing. Wardhaugh explains that code mixing occurs when conversant uses two languages together to the extent that they change from one language to the other in the course of a single utterance.

Ronald Wardhaugh, 52 The phenomenon of code mixing happens not only between local language and Indonesian language, but also among local language, Indonesian language and English. The phenomenon of code mixing does not only occur in daily life situations. It also used by some authors to create novel. Among bilingual speakers is a common phenomenon that can be viewed as performance interference. These phenomenon form the use of the elements of a particular language in one sentence or another language discourse, we call this phenomenon code mixing.

Nowadays, code mixing made in the use of Indonesian language mixed with English, even more flourishing. Weinreich named this code mixing as a mixed grammar. The prominent characteristic in code mixing is the quality of being relaxed or informal situation. In a formal language situation, there are rarely mixed code. If there is mix code in the formal situation, it is because there is no proper expression in a language that is being used so it is necessary to use words from foreign languages.

Sometimes there are also mixes the code if the speaker wants to show his knowledge or his position. Nababan, Code mixing is the use of two languages or more, or two variants of a language in a community. In code mixing there is main code or basic code that used and has the function and autonomy while other codes involved in the event it was only in the form of pieces without function and autonomy.

If someone uses a word or phrase from one language he has done code mixing. Fasold explain the example of mixture Spanish and English: Y cuando estoy can gonte me borrocha porque me siento. Happy, free, you know, high and more or less is shard of English.

Raditya Dika

Chaer and Agustina, 30 Another aspect of the language dependency in bilingual communities is the occurrence phenomenon of code mixing. In the code mixing characteristic dependence is marked by the reciprocal relationship between the roles and function of languages. Role means anyone who uses that language, while the function of language means anything to be achieved by speakers with his words.

Special characteristics the speakers is very important, the speakers will color the mix code.

Speakers who will have the opportunity to master the language mix more code than the other speakers that only just mastered one or two languages. Suwito, Another characteristic of code mixing phenomenon is that the elements of the language or its variations are to insert in another language no longer has own function.

So the elements can be divided into two groups, namely: a Code mixing sourced from the native language and all variations are called inner code-mixing. The Forms of Code Mixing Suwito classifies code mixing into six kinds according to the linguistic elements that involved in code mixing as follows: 1.

The insertion of words 31 The insertion of words here means the language unit that stands on its own, it consist of free morpheme sand bound morphemes. One common definition of a word is the following a word is any unit of language that in writing, appears between spaces or between a space and a hyphen.

Words do not always constitute the smallest meaningful units in a language. Instead words are sometimes constructed of smaller parts. These parts are called morphemes. The examples are from the novel Marmut Merah Jambu: a Tante-tante desperate berumur empat puluh tahun.

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