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    Mike Downes - The Jazz Bass Lines Book - Free ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Today, Paul's lines are classic jazz bass literature. Paul plays very melodic. I call his lines quarter note melodies. You can hear how he weaves a counter melody. This lesson on Jazz Bass Soloing takes a look at how a bass player may choose to solo on a Major ii V I progression. The Major ii V I progression is the bedrock on which jazz is formed. Play the arpeggio ascending from the lowest note on the sixth (bass) string.

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    The purpose of this presentation is to learn how to create bass lines from a set of When playing jazz bass lines, accurate rhythm is always more important than. Pastorius: Modern Electric Bass, more accessi transposition to other keys learn the art of electric bass playing and impro when accompanying and soloing. approach to bass improvisation and North Indian rhythmic patterns. Retrieved The focus of this honours dissertation is rhythm in jazz-bass.

    All the Things You Are Along with many others. Do not rush the following steps as the work you do now will help build a deep understanding and musical feel for the most commonly played chord changes in music. Begin by learning the chord progression and root notes. The following arpeggios are the ones that you need to know to solo over each chord in turn. Notice that they are built around the previous root notes. Try to visualise each root note as you play up and down each arpeggio. Position One Arpeggios: Use the following steps to help you memorise each arpeggio shape.

    When measuring chord movement we look at the root movement in ascent.

    So Cm7 to F7 is movement by 4th because we have the root notes moving from C to F. This is the pattern of scale degrees 1 2 3 5 applied to the C Dorian scale. We match this to the second mode of the key, which is Dorian.

    For the descending line I come down through the appropriate scale. If we look at the Bbmaj7 I descend through the notes of the Bb major scale. This leads us smoothly into the next chord of Ebmaj7.

    A Few Exceptions The two scale patterns work through most of the chords in Autumn Leaves because there is so much movement by 4th. However there are a few basic exceptions. This is movement of a 2nd so we need another line. The Bass Clef. If you can hear it and understand it, you can respond to it.


    Randall Kertz examines common and not so common problems that the musician may encounter during practice or performing situations. You need this book.

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    Includes CD with instruction and backing tracks. Learn to build cool bass lines. Includes audio CD. Here are secrets and advice from the world's best and most in-demand session bassists.

    Mike Downes - The Jazz Bass Lines Book

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    A complete guide to mastering the instrument, this book has you understanding music -- scales, modes and patterns -- the way you understand language: Bass player Dr. Teach yourself to play bass guitar at your own pace. Part one of a three-part series, this book introduces music theory, scales and chords. A classic of bass instruction presenting notes, patterns, rhythms and over songs and riffs.